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The City of Laguna Hills Community Center and Sports Complex were built on one of the richest fossil sites in the United States.  In 1996 this wealth of fossil resources was chosen as a theme around which the Community Center and the Prehistoric Playground were designed. 

The City has created a number of interactive programs for patrons to experience this fossil showcase.  Take a walk back in time and discover what Laguna Hills looked like millions of years ago.

The City of Laguna Hills is pleased to provide school children and educators the Fossil Finders Fossil Fixers School Tour Program to help connect children with the natural sciences. This education program is designed to reinforce California State Science content standards in the earth and sciences for grades 2 through 5. The exciting three-day science program includes a visit to the Laguna Hills Community Center. The Community Center is a showcase for regional fossil discoveries and is an educational treasure.

For further information and reservations, please call (949) 707-2680.

The City of Laguna Hills is also offering this popular school program, Fossil Finders Fossil Fixers to the general pubic in a condensed one day program. Check with the city's Community Service's Class and Activity Guide (can you make ‘Class & Activity Guide’ an underlined link for commsvcs/classes.asp) for the next class or call (949) 707-2680 for more information.



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